Prof. Ernő RUBIK

Founding Member, Honorary President

Rubik Studio H-1122 Budapest, Városmajor u. 74.

Tel.: (36-1) 356-9533

Graduated in 1967 from the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Budapest. Subsequently he earned a second degree in interior design at the Hungarian Academy of Crafts and Design where he was Associate Professor and Director of postgraduate studies up until 1986. He is an architect and designer, and best known for his Magic puzzle series, which is led by "The Cube". However, from 1982 he has been active in experiments to revitalize the Hungarian economy. In order to move beyond the toy field and to join various kind of industrial activities, he opened the Rubik Studio in 1983, a business center involved in product design and development. Presently, he is working on joining international circles both in business and finance. In order to help both student and practitioner inventors and designers, he founded two Rubik Foundations. He is an Honorary Professor at the Hungarian Academy of Crafts and Design. In 1996 he was elected for the Honorary Doctor of the Technical University of Budapest. He received the Gold Medal of Labour; Order of Merit of the Hungarian People's Republic in 1982, the State Prize in 1983 and the Kossuth Prize in 2007. His Cube was the Toy of the Year in the United Kingdom, in the Federal Republic of Germany, in Italy, Sweden, Finland, France and the USA. In 1995, he was awarded the Dénes Gábor Prize. He was the first elected, and in 1993 re-elected, President of the Hungarian Academy of Engineering and Curator of the Foundation of the Hungarian Academy of Engineering. Now he is the Honorary President of the HAE.




Founding Member, Vice President

H-1111 Budapest Egry J. u. 1. Tel.: (36-1) 463-3447

Graduated in 1951 from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Budapest. He earned his CSc in 1968, his DSc in 1992. He worked at the TUB as an ass. Professor from 1951 till 1961, and as a research fellow from 1961 till 1989. His field of activity is material sciences, fracture mechanics and fatigue. He is an adviser in the Atomic Energy Research Institute of the HAS, and Secretary General of the Hungarian-Korean Technical Co-operation Center Foundation. He received the Prize of the President of HAS in 1965, first degree of the award for technical papers in 1972 from SSME, a medal for the honour of A.G.Pattantyús in 1985 and a medal for the honour of L. Gillemot in 1989. He was Secretary of the National Committee of ICF from 1968 till 1999, acted as Chairman of the National Committee of ESIS from 1980 to 1994, was Chairman of the Section for Material Testing of SSME from 1985 to 1994 and co-chairman of SSME from 1990 to 1993. He received the title of University Professor from the University of Miskolc in 1993.




H-1022 Budapest, Ribáry u. 7. Tel.: (36-1) 316-6692

Graduated in 1958 from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the TUB. He earned his PhD in 1962 and his CSc in 1967. He is an associate professor at the Department of Microwave Telecommunication TUB. He was active for 38 years in the field of microwave technique at the Telecommunication Research Institute, where he developed microwave measuring instruments and managed the research work of microwave telecommunication equipment and he was the Technical Director of the Institute. He was two times guest scientist at the Munich Technical University. He was senior counsellor at the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Water Management, where he was dealing with frequency management problems. He is a member of the Hungarian National Committee of URSI and the Scientific Society of Measurement and Automation and the Hungarian Scientific Society for Telecommunication. He received the State Award, the Virág-Pollák Award, the Kruspér Award and the Gold medal of the Inventors Prize. He wrote many scientific papers and books and has 13 patents.


Dr. János TAKÁCS

Secretary General

BME H-1111 Budapest Bertalan L. u. 2. Z. ép. 608.

Tel./fax : (36-1) 463-1694

Graduated in 1972 from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the TUB. He earned his CSc. at the HAS in 1982, habilitation in 1996. He is Full Professor and Head of the Department of Vehicle Manufacturing and Repairing at the Faculty of Transportation at the BUTE. He received the Pattantyús Á. Award of the SSME in 1993, Eötvös Award in 1998, 50. Anniversary Medal of FTSS in 1999, Gold Medal of SSME in 2000. He is Secretary of the High-Energy Density Machining Subcommittee of HAS. He has over 180 publications, mainly in foreign languages. He is member of editorial board of "Gépgyártás" and member of scientific advisory board of "Periodica Polytechnica - Transportation Engineering". He received the Széchenyi Professor' Scholarship in 1997-2001. Since February 2000 he is re-elected President of the SSME. Since November 1996 he is the Secretary General of the HAE.


Dr. János KÖVESI


BME Ipari Menedzsment és Vállalkozásgazdaságtan Tanszék

H-1521 Budapest Tel.:(36-1) 463-2820

Graduated in 1976 from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at the TUB. He earned a second degree in reliability engineering at the TUB in 1983, his Dr. Tech. in 1984. He earned his PhD in 1990, his Eur Ing in 1991 and his Doctor habil in 1998. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences until 2004, and he is Full Professor and the Head of Department of Industrial Management and Business Economics at the TUB. Since 2004 he is Vice-President of BME, responsible for educational affairs. His research covers the areas of Technology Management, Total Quality Management and Reliability. He is the Secretary of the Hungarian Management Council, member of the National Committee of European Organization for Quality, of the Council of Engineers and the Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineers and of the Production and Operation Management Society, USA.



Fouding Mermber
President of the  Disciplinary and Ethics Comittee

H-1055.Budapest  Markó 1/A
Te/fax: +36 1 331 6431
E-mail: baratos@freemail.hu

Gratuated in 1951 from the faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Technical University  of Budapest (BME). Sunsecquently served as ass. Professor in the Department Mechanics of BME. He has been teaching as invited Professor  at the BME1953-1992.Honorary Professor of Polytechnic Pécs.  1953-1989. Design eng, director of  Development Unit, and Head Design Eng. of Engineering Company of Hungarian Chemical Industry (Vegyterv).
His major scintific interess and activity: design methodology, introduced the feedback methology to design of multi purpose pressure vessels. He developed the use of computer (CAD) pipeline lay-out plannining and stress analyzing. He was  one of the founder, and organizator of the Károli Gáspár Universtity (KRE).
He received Pro-Urbe Award of Budapest-Lipótváros 1994, Gold Medal for Excelent Inventors 1978, the Golden Ring of Vegyterv 1979, and Golden Ring 2005, Károli Gáspár Medal of KRE 2009, honored by HAE with  TEKHNE-Medal 2006, Pattantyus Award   of SSME 2010.  He was awarded by „Magyar Köztársaság Érdemrend Tisztikeresztje” 2011.


Dr. György SZOKOL

Founding Member, President of the Nominating Committee, Member of the Board

H-1185 Budapest, Ködmön u. 37.

Tel.: (36-1) 292-2837


Graduated in 1964 from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the TUB. He earned his second degree as a specialised welding engineer in 1970 and his PhD in 1973. He is Director General of the ESAB Hungary Ltd, where he was awarded by his outstanding work. From this position he retired in 2005. He is a lecturer on welding technology and materials testing at the Institute of Postgraduate Studies of Engineering at the TUB. He also participates in the work of several sections of the Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineers and member of the Technological Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Science. After 1996, he was a member of the Nominating Committee of the HAE, and now is Chairman of this Committee and also member of the Board.


Dr. Zsuzsanna ADLOVITS

Member of the Board

H-1037 Budapest Vízér u. 7. Tel.: (36-1) 250-6175

Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Heavy Industry in Miskolc in 1963. She got her second degree in welding engineering in 1967, her CSc in 1986 and her PhD in 1987. She was responsible for the development of welding technology, and for the application of the results into the production process at ABB Power Generation Ltd.


Dr. József PETRÓ

Member of the Board

BME Szerves Kémiai Technológia Tanszék

H-1521 Budapest Tel.: (36-1) 463-1262

Graduated in 1947 from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at the TUB. From 1951 he works at the Organic Chemical Technology Department at the TUB. He earned his CSc in 1960 and his DSc in 1978. His field is heterogeneous catalysis, especially regarding metal catalysts for hydrogenation. From that field a book has been written, and he is the co-author in three others. His work includes 110 publications, 48 patents and over 60 lectures at international meetings. He is a member of the HAS. He has been appointed as UNIDO expert in India. He received 8 times the Gold Medal for inventory activities and the Joseph Varga Award for scientific and applied results produced in the field of catalysis. In 1964-65 he made research work in GB at the Nottingham University Physical Chemistry Department. He got the Murray Raney Award (USA) in 2000, from the Organic Reaction Catalist Society and Grace Chemical Division of W. R. Grace & Co.


Dr. Imre J. RUDAS

Budapesti Műszaki Főiskola

H-1034 Budapest Doberdó út 6

Tel.: (+361) 453-4143

Graduated from Bánki Donát Polytechnic, Budapest in Graduated from Bánki Donát Polytechnic, Budapest in 1971, received the Master Degree in Mathematics from the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, the Ph.D. in Robotics from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1987, while the Doctor of Science degree in Fuzzy Control and Robotics from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2004. He is active as a full university professor and Head of Department of Intelligent Engineering Systems. He serves as the Rector of Budapest Tech from August 1, 2003 for a period of four years. In 2007 he was reelected as Rector of Budapest Tech. He is a Fellow of IEEE, Administrative Committee member of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Chairman of the Hungarian Chapters of IEEE Computational Intelligence and IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Societies. He is also a registered expert of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the EU. He is the President of the Hungarian Fuzzy Association and Steering Committee Member of the Hungarian Robotics Association and the John von Neumann Computer Society. He serves as an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, member of editorial board of Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Control Engineering Practice, member of various national and international scientific committees. He is the founder of the IEEE International Conference Series on Intelligent Engineering Systems and IEEE International Conference on Computational Cybernetics, and some regional symposia. He has served as General Chairman and Program Chairman of numerous scientific international conferences. His present areas of research activity are: Robotics with special emphasis on Robot Control, Soft Computing, Computed Aided Process Planning, Fuzzy Control and Fuzzy Sets. He has published one book, more than 300 papers in various journals and international conference proceedings.



Founding Member, Member of the Board

H-1112 Budapest, Meredek u. 60

Tel.: (36-1) 319-4649

e-mail: scharle.peter@hungarnet.hu

Graduated in 1963 from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Budapest. He earned his second degree as an Engineering Mathematician in 1970, his PhD in 1972 and his CSc in 1977. He had been qualified as Eur. Ing. of FEANI in 1993. Habilitated doctor of the Technical University of Budapest since 1997, Professor of Civil Engineering and Vice President at the Széchenyi István University, Győr. He is a member of ISSMGE, AET and the NYAS. He received the Eötvös Lóránd Award in 1989, the Baross Gábor Award in 1993 and the Zielinski Szilárd Award in 2004.




H-1124 Budapest, Thomán István u. 14/III.

Tel.: (36-1) 395-4871

Graduated in 1958 in electrical engineering, and received university doctor's degree from the TUB. She has worked for some years in industry, designing automatic control systems. Later she joined the Research Institute for Computing and Automation of the HAS (SZTAKI) as research worker. In 1985 she was invited to join the Ministry of Industry, where her responsibility was, as director-general, co-operation between the R+D sphere and the industry. In this job she headed a large five-years S+T program. Since 1991, she had been a freelance writer and editor in science and technology. She had been for 12 years the deputy secretary-general and later for 8 years the co-president of the Hungarian Scientific Society for Measurement and Automation (MATE). She is member of the IEEE, the author of more than 600 popular scientific papers, and editor or co-author of nine books. She has received three S+T awards and two for popularisation science. She has been for 12 years the editor of the Magyar Tudomány (Hungarian Science), and she was an adviser of the President of HAS.



Foreign Secretary


H-1521 Budapest

Tel.: (36-1) 463-2471 Fax.: (36-1) 463-2470

Graduated in 1976 from the Faculty of Commerce at the Budapest University of Economics. After her graduation she worked for the Hungarian Institute of Materials and Packing in Public Relations, marketing and economic analysis for ten years. She got her second degree (MBA) at the TUB in 1998. She is currently the Foreign Secretary of the HAE. She is also Chief Counsellor at the Institute of Continuing Engineering Education of TUB, Secretary General of the Hungarian National Committee for FEANI and Secretary of the Committee on Education and Training of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations. She has several publications in international educational journals. She delivered quite a few lectures at international conferences about the role of international cooperations in the engineering education and also in the continuing engineering education. She is Curator of the FHAE. She got the "Pro Universitate" Award of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2003.



Financial Affairs

Szádiaudit Kft.

H-1132 Budapest, Visegrádi út 76. Tel.: (36-20) 919-1583

Graduated in 1990 from the College of Finance and Accountancy as a Plant Economist. She was the person in charge of the financial affairs of the International Center for Engineering Programs at the TUB. She is the person in charge of the financial affairs of the HAE.




Magyar Mérnökakadémia

She got her certificate (1982) of final examination in Secondary School of Economics named Lajos Kossuth in shorthand/steno-typist section. From March of 2002 she is the Secretary of the HAE.