Prize of the Hungarian Academy of Engineering

The HAE made a very important decision in 1998: in order to acknowledge the activity of the Hungarian engineers and as a mark of our esteem for the creative engineering work the HAE - at the initiative of Professor Ernő Rubik and the Foundation of the HAE - established the "Prize of the Hungarian Academy of Engineering". This Prize can bestowed to one person per year.
A passage from the Statutes of the HAE Prize: "The Prize will be awarded by the Presidency of the Hungarian Academy of Engineering after the consideration of the proposals received from the members of the HAE and the requested experts."
Apart from the moral recognition, the sum of the Prize might also have a stimulating effect on all the excellent engineers who feel committed towards their profession. The winner of the Prize receives a certificate acknowledging the award of the Prize as well as an amount of HUF 1 million.
The Prize of the Hungarian Academy of Engineering has been granted three times. In 1999 Dr. Sándor Domanowszky (Dipl.Civil Eng), in 2000 Miklós Csapody (Dipl.Electr.Eng) and in 2004 Dr. Béla Csizmadia (Dipl.Mech.Eng.) shared with Dr.Ernő Nándori (Dipl. Transport Eng.) got the HAE Prize.


TEKHNÉ-Medal (“Life-work Prize)

The Presidency of the HAE decided the establishment of a life-work prize in 2001. The name of the life-work prize is: TEKHNÉ Medal.
The medal is awarded as an acknowledgement of the long lasting outstanding activity in the field of:

  • research and development,
  • the organization activity of the technical culture and spreading it widely, which activity plays a decisive role in the Hungarian technical and scientific life,
  • training and education of the young technical intelligentsia,
  • promoting the continuous introduction and application of the scientific results into the economic life and
  • initiation of industrial application of the new technologies and methods for quality improvement and their wide spreading.

The awarded person gets a medal, planned and made by András Lapis sculptor and a honorary certificate. On the medal the name of the HAE, the name of the awarded person and the year of the awarding can be seen. This Prize can bestowed to one person per year.
The TEKHNÉ Medal was granted to Zéno Terplán (Dipl.Mech.Eng.) in 2001, to József Lukács (academican) in 2002, to Ernő Pungor (academican) in 2003, to Jenő Barátossy (Dipl.Electr.Eng.) in 2006, to Zsuzsa Szentgyörgyi (Dipl.Electr.Eng.) in 2008, to Istvan Karsai (Dipl.Mech.Eng.) in 2009, to Ernő Czoboly (Dipl.Mech.Eng.) in 2010 and to Miklós Kenderessy (Dipl.Electr.Eng.) in 2011.